Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying to spread the rare wisdom that I sometimes have...

Wow! I really haven't expected this month to be flying by so quickly! It's nearly halfway over!

Let me tell you, as part of the process of preparing for this mission, I scoured the internet high and low, for any tips and ideas on packing, what's worth bringing, what's not worth bringing, how much of it to bring, and what kind to bring. I was super clueless before I came across blog after blog of "What You Should Know About the MTC", and "Things Sister Missionaries Don't Think About When They're Packing" and "What I Wish I Would Have Known Before My Mission" posts. So I am going to {try to} add to that pool of helpful information by just listing off some things I am bringing on the mission, especially things you wouldn't normally think of:

-MORE than 6-8 outfits. I took it literally too, when my call packet suggested 6-8 outfits. We are going to get tired of the same 6-8 outfits. Instead, I am bringing about 12 versatile tops and 9 versatile skirts and 1 very accessorizable dress. I am also bringing cardigans that go with lots of my outfits, some scarves, headbands, necklaces, belts, things like that. Versatility is key. They want you to not feel like frumpsters, but they want you to be reasonable. 
-hAnD sAnItIzEr. Know it, live it, love it. We are going to shake so many hands, knock on so many doors, put our arms around so many people. The thought of it makes me so giddy with delight, but it also makes me want to put on some hand sanitizer, folks.
-A little hymn book. I find so much inspiration from the hymns. Bring a little one if you can, it can bring comfort in the toughest of times.
-A lanyard. One sister said that at the MTC, you have a card to carry around, and I don't know about you, but I lose small things like that like it's my job. How about I just keep it around my neck.
-A notebook with your favorite recipes, of course.
-A notebook of your favorite workouts. I like Pinterest workouts. And I know that with the tight missionary schedule, most of the time it will be all I have time for. So I went through my Pinterest and wrote down all of the ones I like, and I know I'll thank myself for it when the sweet Italian people are stuffing me full of pasta and bread and sauces, oh my.
-Gold Bond. I don't wanna be the companion with stinky feet. 'Nuff said.
-Those little no-show nylon shoe liners. Going along with the above^^^.
-Paper tape (or other colorful tape). My mom gave me some paper tape to label things that could get mixed up with my companions. Everyone in the apartment will know that the mascara with Sister McPeek's floral print tape on it is property of Sister McPeek. Yay.
-An extra pair of glasses, if you wear those. I just bought an extra pair today. You never know. 
-Quotes on small pieces of paper! I made a Pinterest board of all my favorite inspirational quotes and scriptures, and I am in the process of writing them all cute on half-size sheets of paper to put above my desk, above my bed, and around the apartments I will live in.
-Potpourri! This one's a little iffy because you're out of luck if you have a companion with a sensitive nose, but a dear friend of mine got me 3 really fancy potpourri packets (one for each of my suitcases!) so that my stuff won't smell stuffy and muggy, but rather smell like petals and rainbows! Hooray!
-An address book. Um, I have yet to find one of these, but I really want one to keep in touch with companions, investigators, and friends/family back home. But I guess Walmart and Target are too 2013 for address books??
-Stickers. A friend of mine on a mission asked us to send him stickers. Apparently they are really fun to hand out to local children! :)
-A SMALL home comfort. I am happy to say that I plan to bring my small teddy bear that has a little lavender potpourri packet in his tummy that you microwave and put back in his tummy to snuggle with. That will be my little piece of home. Hooray. I also suggest not getting any toiletry products that you're unfamiliar with. Not only will you not be sure if it's any good, but seriously, the more familiarity you can get, the better, especially in the MTC. I'm bringing my favorite shampoo, my favorite mascara, my favorite body spray... things that I already know and love so that this drastic life change seems a little less foreign.
-Zzquil. I can't totally tell you if that's totally and absolutely allowed, but I don't see why not. It's over the counter. And I guarantee you that I will need it the first week at the MTC. Crying girls, crying Emily, anxiety about learning Italian, homesickness, and waking up by 6:30am? Yeah, we're gonna need some Zzquil.
-Dry shampoo. Hey-oh, 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th...) day hair! ;)
-Some general conference talks. Print out a bunch of your favorites! Modern revelation is scripture, too!

Obviously that's not everything I'm bringing, but I thought I'd give you some ideas of some things you may not have considered before. I hope this will be helpful for somebody in this world. Without further ado, until next time, good friends. 

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