Thursday, August 8, 2013

27 More Days!

Life is getting pretty exciting!
I have 27 days until I report to the MTC and start this adventure!
I have been feeling a lot better emotionally in the past day or so. I went to the temple this morning, and I can definitely feel the difference. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and gives us comfort when we are "standing in holy places". 

I have been dabbling in Italian bit by bit, with my Missionary Words and Phrases in Italian book I got for my birthday, as well as an awesome website called Duolingo! So cool. It's like Rosetta Stone, except free (and let's be honest, proooobably not as good, but hey, let's weigh our options... Rosetta Stone: $349... Duolingo: FREE... $349... FREE... $349... FREEEE. I think I've painted a pretty good picture.)

Hey, look! My blog is pretty! I think I change it like, every month or so, which is basically ridiculous. But what can I say. Nothing at all.

Also, I'm trying to pack up my bedroom, which is ridiculous to do a month before you leave I don't know what I'm thinking but whateversasdfghjkl;
I'm mostly just packing things I will never use in the next month. Like my high school yearbook. By the way, I was looking at my senior yearbook, and, um, nobody signed it, except for Jadyn and Jodi. So loves and kisses, Jadyn and Jodi. Go kick yourself, everyone else. Rude. Jeez.

You guys. I only get to teach my little CTR 5 year olds class TWO MORE TIMES. Hashtag devastated. I am going to miss those squirts a ton. They are so sweet, even if they interrupt my testimony of the Holy Ghost to tell me that they have a pet turtle, or to keep me informed about their vast knowledge of Angry Birds and Batman.
Yeah. They're kind of cool. 

So that was all kind of rant-y. Until next time, too-da-loo!


  1. where do you go to get your cute backgrounds and titles?? :)

    1. For the background, I just used one of the default backgrounds in the "Design" section of Blogger (shh! If anyone asks, I made it myself hehe ;) )
      And for the title I used and made a collage with words and a picture :)