Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random thoughts in Mimi's mind because she can't sleep at 12:30AM.

1. David A. Bednar is super underrated. That guys doesn't get enough props, because his talks and books are super good.

2. I'm fairly convinced that with my ultra-pale complexion and eyes, I would look super rocking good with dark brown hair. Observe: 
I had never even thought about it until it very spontaneously dawned on me this morning. Now it is a thought that makes me quite happy. (Also, you like how I threw in a Susan Pevensie picture there. You definitely do.)

3. Jadyn, guess what? The lady we visit teach fully converted my mom to essential oils this morning. Even doTerra essential oils (even though she's still in shock at their prices haha)

4. I want to make garlic-y olive oil pasta. RIGHT NOW. Is that socially unacceptable at this hour in the night/morning?

And that ends another episode of Weird Random Thoughts in Mimi's Mind. Join us next time whenever, dude. Goodnight.

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