Saturday, June 29, 2013

66 Days Left!

I have 66 days until I enter the MTC! Oh how this summer is really flying by!
I'm afraid once my siblings and my little buddy go back to school, it'll be like watching grass grow, though. 
But for now it's pretty fast pace! The weeks are flying by, my work days are so fun, and where in the world did June go??

This last week I went full force at mission supply shopping. 
I got my luggage (SUH CUTE), my two pairs of everyday shoes, a bunch of jewelry, some of my hair supplies (you know it's essential around here...), some headbands and hairbows, a floppy sunhat (so I can retain my current whiteness even as I walk outside all day every day), bed sheets, pillowcases, a good watch, a nice jacket, a blazer (in mustard yellow!), some aromatherapy hand sanitizers (for stress relief and sleep), my favorite Bath and Body Works scent in an eu du parfum form (for 50% off, too!), all my temple stuff, all the books I'm allowed to read on my mission, my purse (OH HEAVENS, it's adorable), a new wallet, excercise pants, running shoes, a hanging/folding organizer for my makeup and hair stuff, and whatever else I forgot to mention. SO MUCH STUFF. And paid for all of it myself, except for the temple stuff and the luggage. And I got gooood deals on all of it, too. 

All I really need is a new black skirt (mine has a broken zipper, sad..), my sewing kit, my first aid kit, a pair of boots, and I could probably use a couple more scarves. Oh and I need to find dual voltage blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron. 

But I'll wait on those. At this point I would be happy never stepping foot in a mall again, with all the shopping I've done. 

On Tuesday night I'm going through the temple for the first time(<3), Thursday is Independence Day, the next Friday is my dear Erika Danielle's WEDDING, in a couple of weeks our family is camping in California, and then the 29th of July is my birthday!

So life is good, folks. Very good indeed.

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