Thursday, May 16, 2013

50 Random Emily Facts Just Getting Spewed Onto This Page, so yeah.

1. I have a thing for pretty hardcover books. Like when I want to buy a book (one that I already love), I search far and wide for the prettiest version of that book I can find. Barnes and Noble usually has me covered.
2. I love country music. I almost always blast KMLE or KNIX in my truck because it makes me happyyyyyy.
3. The first part of my church's gospel (for lack of a better term, I guess?) that really hit me, and I really formed a testimony of, was Joseph Smith and the restoration, and the importance and reality of his mission and calling on earth. I remember reading the hymn "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" in my bedroom when I was about 10, and just feeling so warm and peaceful, and the feeling brought me to tears.
4. A few weeks ago, everyone thought there was a bomb threat on my local Walmart that's like 3 miles from my house. SWAT team was on the roofs of the buildings around the Walmart and everything. Turns out it was a can of paint. Woohoo.
5. I have never watched Doctor Who. Which is apparently a travesty.
6. I just found out that the day I get out of the MTC and fly into Italy is October 16. Yay!
7. When I was in 3rd grade, I had a weird OCD obsession where I had to wear certain outfits on certain days of the week. I remember it was these pink sweats on Monday, and I remember it was a denim dress on Friday. I don't remember the other days. I just remember that my mom was super embarrassed when she realized I had been wearing the same clothes on the same days of the week, week after week, for over a month.
8. I was one of those girls who was obsessed with American Girl dolls. I LOVED them. I still love them. I still have my Felicity doll, my little look-alike doll, a whole little wardrobe, Felicity books, all the weird preteen self-help books. Yep. I was that kid.
9. I had a dream last night that me and Jim and Pam from the Office went to see a movie. And then we accidentally lost Pam. And then I was like, "Oops." And then Jim was like, "Well I guess it's just us then." And I was like, "Well I guess it is." Winky-wink-winkity-wink-wink.
10. I can't believe I put stuff like ^^that^^ on the freaking internet. Have I no self-respect or dignity?
11. I think I figured out what I want my mission scripture to be. And I hope that my cousin Darci doesn't mind, because it was her mission scripture too, but holy cow, it's beautiful. Romans 8:38-39.
12. When I was in 3rd grade, and I got baptized, my 3rd grade teacher just so happened to be in my ward, and her husband just so happened to be my bishop. I felt pretty special.
13. When I was in preschool, my best friends name was Ya-ya. Like, that was the name that her good mother gave her.
14. The Office is ENDING tonight, and I am not ready for this.
15. I am babysitting for an entire week starting tomorrow, and I am also not ready for that.
16. When I was in kindergarden, I wanted to be Asian. This sounds so freaking racist, but I would stand in front of the mirror and try to squint my eyes just right, and then one time I went to my kindergarden teacher and asked her a question with my eyes all squinty like that. She looked concerned, but it was hard for me to tell. Becauase my eyes were squinted. Get it? Ha. Ha ha.
17. I don't know what pickles taste like. If they taste anything like they smell, I don't want to know.
18. I wanna work at Disneylaaaannnnddd. Please.
19. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was Quest for Camelot with my friend Azlynn.
20. I can hula-hoop for like 20-30 minutes straight, and everyone I tell is like, "Whaaaaaa??" except for my best friend Jadyn because apparently she can too. Like, why are we the same person? I don't even know.
21. The first time I got asked on a date was in junior high choir and the guy passed me a note, and I threw it at his head. My social skills haven't evolved much since then.
22. Lizzie McGuire is my idol.
23. I teach five and six year olds in primary, and we have to fill out these get-to-know-you sheets for primary, so I've been pulling them aside one at a time and helping a couple kids fill them out each week, and this last week, I asked two boys what they wanted to be when they grew up. One said Batman, one said an Angry Bird. The future is bright, America.
24. When I was at work yesterday, the mom I work with said I look like Rapunzel. I did a happy dance at that.
25. I will never have wisdom teeth pulled.
26. I'm a terrible swimmer, and I would love to be good at it.
27. There was this kid in one of Keaton's elementary school class who played one of the 12 kids in the Cheaper By the Dozon movies with Steve Martin. Everybody wanted to be his best friend because we all thought he was Mr. Famous.
28. When I was ten I had a school-themed birthday party. A school-themed birthday party. Like what kid wants that? One that's a future elementary school teacher, that's who. Heehee. ;)
29. I can't play any musical instruments which is a sad travesty.
30. I collect mugs.
31. I've never been on a plane. Which will be interesting in October when I ride to Italy...
32. My left thumb is insanely double-jointed.
33. I dislike fruity gum.
34. People who evidently try to make their sneeze sound cutesy is one of the most annoying things in my life. Like, just STOPPIT. You aren't a squeaky mouse.
35. I've seen every The Office episode. Every. One.
36. We have always had our dog sleep in the laundry room, and she gets stressed out and whines at us if we don't close the laundry room door for her when we go to bed.
37. My cat has become more antagonistic lately. An hour or so ago, I caught him on top of my mom's desk, eating a craft that my sister made for her. So that's rude.
38. I would never get a tattoo, but if I had to, I would get "To love another person is to see the face of God." Probably on the back of my shoulder, or something conspicuous like that.
39. Elephants are my favorite animal. I mean, look at them!
40. Eating hard-boiled eggs is my favorite part about Easter, because I just think they are just a wonderful breakfast food. Weird.
41. I have a goal to meet Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and not just "Hi! Handshake! Bye!" meet him. I want to have a good conversation with that guy. Really bad. It must happen.
42. I still think Zac Efron is beautiful. That wasn't a fleeting preteen phase.
43. I've been to one concert, and it was a really weird one for this Mormon band called Eclipse. I was like 14, I had never heard of them, I just showed up for a birthday party, and I guess that's what we were doing, so.
44. I am pretty set on having a room in my future home set aside for a library.
45. I am also pretty set on having a trampoline. Trampoline=Amazing childhood.
46. I think Disney also=Amazing childhood.
47. My parents always told me growing up that Santa wasn't real. They didn't even PLAY the game with me. And guess what, my dreams weren't crushed. Nope, I didn't daydream about a big cheery man in red bringing me presents. Some people think I was deprived of imagination, but I don't think so. I think I had plenty of other things to imagine and make believe about. But when it came to Christmas, there wasn't any confusion about what Christmas was about for me. I knew it was Jesus's birthday, because there weren't any conflicting ideas. I thought it was kind of nice. I can't decide if I'll do the Santa thing with my kids. I'm not sure yet.
48. It's really funny to feed my dog popsicles. Like, REALLY funny. She goes cross-eyed while she's eating them, and wraps her tongue around the thing, and it's just great. So yeah.
49. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
50. My favorite fruit is pineapple.

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