Sunday, March 10, 2013

I want to like Twitter.

I really do.
But I can't. Yet.
Why? Because nobody is on it. They're all on Facebook, which I fear is going the way of MySpace--down the digital toilet. 
I like the concept of Twitter, though. It's easy to use, quick to add posts, doesn't allow for crazy annoying folks to write 5 paragraph essays for statuses, and you can follow celebrities and know what's going on. 
I don't mean like, celebrity gossip.
Please, folks.
I mean that today, Ginnifer Goodwin tweeted that someone was going to die on Once Upon a Time tonight. I was like, "EEP! I'm so glad I have a Twitter."
So, I'm starting a movement.
Like, let's all desert Facebook, and all it's horribleness. You know what I'm talking about. The blasted timelines. The innappropriate photo popping up on your newsfeed because your friend liked the page that posted it. The people, as I said before, that post 5-paragraph essays as their statuses. 
So let's start a Facebook revolt!
And let's all move to Twitter!
It's nice and fresh and quiet over there! 
And you can hashtag as much as your heart desires!
{But don't get crazy..}
However, you should know that not a lot of people are on there. That's why I'm starting this revolution. DUHspice.
Sooo. You know you want to...
Also, when you get there, follow me @emilymcpeek

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