Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm just warning you that this post might come out a little strange because it's 2AM, and I can't sleep.

But I kind of wanted to tell you guys that Jennifer Lawrence is, like, my favorite. Like, I'm pretty positive that we would be best friends if we met. Her and Ginnifer Goodwin. And John Krasinski. And Rupert Grint. And Josh Hutcherson.
Basically, she's on my short list of "Cool Celebrities Out There".

I mean, seriously. Just take a few moments with me...
Her friendship with Josh Hutcherson, is pretty much hysterical {just to let you know, I had to just spell out "hysterical" like 4 times because I couldn't get it right, and it's SO LATE RIGHT NOW.}
Anyway. Observe.

Yeah. They are great. And I also am so determined in my theory that they are in love. I mean look at what Josh Hutcherson says about her:

Seriously?? I feel like the only reason they aren't dating is because JenLaw is like, 6 foot, and Josh Hutcherson is what, 4'11"? 
Just kidding. But seriously.

Anyway. Here's more proof of the hilariousness/awesomeness/superdupergracefulness that is JenLaw:

So yeah. She's like my favorite. And now it's more like early morning than late night. So now, I shall sleep.

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