Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I guess I'll let you in on my New Years Resolutions

I don't like sharing New Years Resolutions, because then people watch me and check up on me and get all kinds of rude if I don't reach my goals. GURL. How many times have you made impossible New Years Resolutions, and NOT reached them?? Fooools.
So just keep that in mind. I'm not going to totally reach all of these. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.

Also, I don't like to make my goals super rigid. Let's face it. January 1, all we think about is "Reach my goals! Must reach my goals!" But by January 25, it's only practical human nature to put them in the back of our mind and think, "Must. Finish. Paper. For. Tomorrow. Think. About. Nothing. Else." We just have to be realistic.

So, here's what I'm aiming for this year.

  1. No more cavities! Did you guys know that I am a cavity magnet?? I get them almost every time I go to the dentist! I take care of my teeth pretty dang well, but we can all do better {except Jadyn Maree-- that girl probably makes her dentist feel like a plaque monster. ;) }
  2. Exercise regularly. I make this goal every year, but every year my expectations are too rigid {RUN EVERY DAY. FOR 30 MINUTES.} No. Not going to happen in my life. I don't even like running. HOWEVER. I will tell you. I have started running with my dog the past week, and I love it! I think the key is to take someone with you, and someone who you won't measure yourself up to. I used to try to run with my mom. I love that woman. But I can't stand running with her. She has been running regularly for years and years, and when I come every once in a while and say, "Hey! Let me come with you!" and I end up going, "HEY! *GASPPP* WAAAIT UPPP!" the entire time, it doesn't feel very good. But my sweet Choxie always stays at my pace, if I want to walk instead of run for a while, she is fine with that, and she is also fine if I want to stop in the middle of the grass at the park and give her a belly rub. Best. Running buddy. Ever.
  3. Spend money wisely. I used to be really good at this, until I started college. You guys. It's bad. I buy unnecessary things. Go to QuikTrip too much. Buy shoes I don't need. And now that I work at a clothing store where I get discounts galore, I spend money there, that I don't need to spend. But right now, especially since I'm saving for my mission, I need every penny I can get. I am mostly so disappointed because I used to be bargain/budget QUEEN. I was the thrift shopping MASTER. I was the snacks-from-home COMMANDER. And now, I'm getting that back. GO TEAM.
  4. Eat more fresh food. Ahh. Another thing that changed once I started college. Oh the processed foods. Ohhhh the 32 oz. Diet Dr. Peppers. Ohhh the super quick french fry runs before work. Sad. Sad, sad, SAD. TEAM BRING BACK FRUITS AND VEGGIES AND GRAINS AND LEAN MEAT AND DAIRY AND WATER.
  5. Spend every day immersed in the scriptures. You guys, I have been reading the Book of Mormon again. I have been trying my hardest to pull all of the principles and lessons and Christlike attributes out of it that I can, and let me tell you, I have never gotten so much out of 1st Nephi. Whew! I love that book.
  6. Straight A's this semester? Yessir. I was so sad, because last semester, I was taking four classes, and I got A's in all of them EXCEPT DARN ALGEBRA. And I didn't even come close with that class. I got a C. Eww. And I think that if I had been more focused during lectures, and put forth more effort to go to math tutoring, and do the practice problems at home, I could have done so much better. Sigh. BUT, this semester, I am bringing in the big guns. I can do straight A's. We got this.
The end.

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  1. Mimi you are my favorite plus a million! I am so glad that we have Institute together again because seriously...? I think I might go insane if we didn't.