Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I don't want to do a reminiscent post. I'm tired of those. Everyone knows what happened to me this year. Duh. I write a blog. I don't need to review. And if you forgot, here is Emily's 2012, the Nutshell Edition: I graduated from high school and beauty school, worked for a pizza place, quit said pizza place, worked for a clothes place, and went to college.

It was good times. 

But do you know what's going to be even better times? 

This next year.

I mean, in general, I do like to think that I set goals to make each year better than the last, but in particular, this 2013 year really will be grand. It's fate has already been chosen, you see.

I may have said it on this blog {one or two or three or 75 times...}, but after my birthday in July, I plan to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I promise you that not 3 hours {I would say one hour, but I can't say I promise that} of my day goes by that I do not think about this exciting chapter of my life that is coming up. I cannot stop. I have wanted to serve a full-time, 18 month mission, for quite a few years. Now, due to the blessings of modern revelation, I can, in 7 months! I feel so blessed. I feel like God is truly writing the story that is my life, and that so many events and choices I have made in the recent past, some that didn't seem to make sense in my mind at the time, make sense now, and the reasons behind them are becoming clear to me as I see the opportunity that lies ahead of me. 
Come at me, 2013. ;)

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