Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mimi:

1. I had arthritis when I was six. I had days when I couldn't move my joints in order to get out of bed, and my parents would have to pick me up, and I screamed because it hurt so bad. I don't remember a whole ton about it, but one thing I do remember is sitting in the doctor's office, and she was talking to me about practicing loosening my joints by walking around at home, and I didn't want to, and she said that I couldn't ride the school bus if I didn't, because I had to walk up stairs to get on a schoolbus. That made me cry, because I guess I really liked riding the schoolbus.

2. I sleeptalk and scream. The other night I tried to explain to my mom that I had lost a snake that I needed to keep in a basket. I was very frustrated. Yeah, I don't know either.

3. When I was in junior high, my two favorite movies were Napoleon Dynamite and Hairspray. {coughcoughweirdocough}

4. When I was in sixth grade, I was determined to show the boys in my class that I wasn't "last pick in PE" material, so at before-school recess, I totally scored at touchdown when we were playing two-hand touch football. I scored coolness points, but I also scored a monsterous nosebleed that sent me back home before the schoolday even started. Girl power.

5. I have never met a celebrity. I did make eye contact with Quentin L. Cook one time, and he waved at me. It was pretty much cooler than meeting a celebrity. Hashtag you're jealous.

6. When I was little, {sometime between the ages of like, 7, and, 10?} I went through a phase where every night before I went to bed, I would pray: "Please bless that when I wake up tomorrow, I will be a princess that lives in a castle with a horse. If you can, please bless that it will be a white horse. Please bless that I will have princess dresses, and a maid." For reals. I was kind of disappointed every morning.

7. My great great grandpa was Charles Shumway, a prominent leader in the Mormon Trek.

8. My grandpa was one of 19 children, all from the same two parents, all living together, none adopted.

9. I used to love rollerskating, and just about every birthday I have, I ask for rollerskates so that I can get good at it again, and I think my parents think I'm joking when I wish for that.

10. The other day, my math teacher had us all say where we would travel if money weren't an obstacle. I said Italy, which is pretty true, but later on I thought that I would also want to travel to all of the DisneyWorlds and DisneyLands in the world. Now it's a tie between Italy and Disney. It's a good thing money is an obstacle, because how would I even decide between those two?!?

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