Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My hair has been to war and back again.

So, I'm a long-hair kind of person.
I love all hair in general. But for me, personally, long hair works best. It makes me feel awesome, especially when I am hitting personal-record kind of lengths, and it's super healthy and soft and strong and shiny.

Like, when it was like this:
Siggghhhhhhh, I miss this hair. This uncolored, unbleached, long, healthy hair. Of course, the reason I was taking this photo, was because that very same day, I decided that this would be a grand ol' plan:
Whatevers. It was fine, and it grew back really fast. 
But then I started beauty school. All was well, I got a couple highlights, but nothing to seriously alter or damage my hair, until March of my senior year:
This was very fun. I still think I am the raddest person in the world for doing this. But I didn't want it forever. Especially when it started fading, and my roots were peeking out, and I didn't want to look crazy for prom and graduation.
So I let the fools in beauty school do this to my head right before prom:
It went very wrong. See the darker strands? Those look dark blonde in the picture. In reality, they were ORANGE. It was kind of nightmarish. The haircolor. Not prom. Prom was fun.

So, my mom made me fix it at our friend Charity's at-home salon. We were done with beauty school experiments, because this was business, and my hair looked atrocious.
Charity put blonde and ashy brown highlights through my hair to cancel out the red that was left. It worked for the most part, but there were still a few stubborn red streaks in the back of my head, and now with the ash had come somewhat greenish streaks, and brown streaks, and blonde streaks.  My hair was a crazy mess. And my mom threatened me with very scary eyes that if I did any more coloring with my hair, she would shave it off in the night. 
So I left it alone, and a bunch of the ashy brown stuff faded away, and I was left with hair that was still pretty light.
Also, due to all the bleaching I had done to my hair in the past few months, I had to get it trimmed a lot more often because the ends got damaged faster. Once during the summer, 4 inches were cut off of my hair because of all the dead, dry damage.
This picture actually makes it look a tad bit lighter than it really was. 
But anyway, I had regrowth coming in. and it was a bit darker than the rest of my hair. I wanted to color my hair to that regrowth color, since it was my natural, and mark that the end my haircoloring phase once and for all. Plus, coloring is not very damaging to your hair, especially compared to bleaching. So I deemed it safe.
Safe it was.
Natural it wasn't.
I went to a small, local salon and asked her to match everything to my roots. She said, "Oh, easy!" And then I was like, "Oh, also, a trim please, my ends are dead and damaged and gross again."
So she cut off a ton of my hair and made me chestnut brown.

I don't really know how you can interpret my instructions this badly. 
I'm sorry. But really? :( And I even had to convince her not to go darker, because she thought that what she put in my hair would fade out in a week and that I would come back crying to her to do it again. Good thing I didn't let her make me have dark dark brown hair. Goodness. AND. See that purple arrow in my picture?? That's the end of my hair. My hair was just about to touch my waist before she chopped it all off. 

I knew I should have been watching those scissors instead of hiding my face behind The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... Curses.

So now, I am so tired of haircolor. I am so tired of bleach. I am so sorry to my poor poor hair that has taken all the crap I did to it. I don't care how hideous my roots come out, I AM NOT TOUCHING MY HAIR ANYMORE. I will get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks. I am taking Biotin supplements every day, which is a vitamin that strengthens and speeds the growth of your hair. I have been using hair-strengthening shampoo and conditioner, I have not been blow-drying my hair before I go to bed, and I have been using heat protectant when I curl my hair. My poor hair is now being pampered to death until it is the shiniest, strongest, longest, dark blonde (NOT chestnut brown... SHOOT!) hair anyone has ever seen.

So there, beauty school. You ruined my hair. How ironic, isn't it? 

Oh, P.S. I learned how to make GIFs on my phone. Like seriously. Does life get better? 
Here is my dog, Choxie singing to me. NBD.

Sorry I ranted about my hair. Nobody cares about my hair status. The end. 

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  1. Oh Mimi... the hair phases. :)
    It's okay dear, seriously, because to everybody who isn't you or me or either of our moms your hair is still ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS as if ever was because, unlike most people, you are absolutely talented at doing your hair up in rad ways. Plus you pull off the brown quite nicely if I do say so myself!
    Now if we can just get BOTH of our hairs to grow out faster... I don't know how much longer I'm going to last at this whole "growing out" thing. I'm going in to get it trimme on Monday and it is going to take all of my power and will not to let her shave me bald... maybe some color will help me to still feel good about my mop of Bieber-Trocious hair. ;)