Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sick day.

Oh hey world. I totally have a nasty cold or something, so I'm just chilling on my couch with my snuggie, my teddy bear/corny bag, a bag of dried apricots, and the Les Mis 25th anniversary DVD. It's my favorite {the Les Mis dvd, not being sick. Bleck}. Anyway, it's basically a concert of the play. So it's not too different from the actual play, except there's not really acting. And Marius is played by Nick Jonas {like, the Jonas brother....awk}. And they have a thing at the end where all the original stage actors for the original cast come up, and like four Jean Valjean actors come out and do a MAGICAL quartet of "Bring Him Home". It's pretty much my favorite thing. In fact, here, I'll show you that part. Because I love you.

Oh yeah, and the oldest guy {the original Jean Valjean} is going to play the bishop in the movie that's coming out NEXT MONTH. Oh my gosh, guys. I freaked out, a lot. Because that is so perfect.
Speaking of perfect, I suppose I could also show you the video of the finale from my DVD too. Because I am so nice, and that performance is quite beautiful also.

So, there you are. If you don't have this DVD, and you love Les Mis too, you should go on Youtube, because they pretty much have all the songs on there, separately, and you can listen to Alfie Boe's delicious voice.

So thats all I'm going to go back to sleep now. Toodaloo.

P.S. I just realized that I kind of talk about Les Mis a lot. Which is weird. Kind of. I do LOVE it. Like, a lot. But there are other things I love too. It's just kind of weird that I've written so much about it. Probably I'm just excited to see the movie in December. With Hugh Jackman. And Anne Hathaway. And Helen Bonham Carter. AHH! Yes. Yes, that's it. {smile}

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  1. Oh my goodness, that original Valjean (the oldest one) is Colm Wilkinson... he is my FAVORITE ONE EVER and is the one that sings for him in the 10th Anniversary (which is my favorite anniversary recording)... I'll have to show it to you sometime, because their Marius and their Fantine will BLOW you out of the water. :)