Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 years ago.

Five year ago, I was 13 years old. 
I might have looked a little bit like this.

When I was 13, I lived down the street from where I live now. I had braces, and sometimes I asked for my rubber bands to be green and purple like my school's colors {ohh, what a winner...}. I thought that it was cool to wear plastic jewelry that came from a party supply store. I was a little bit afraid of boys, and threw paper at one because he tried to ask me out. And then I felt bad for being a jerk to him and tried to be friends with him and that went badly because he still wanted to go out with me.
 Bahahaha... oh my, I love how "going out" with people was even a thing in junior high. Like anyone could even "go" anywhere Going out in junior high=sitting at the lunch table together, batting eyelashes dramatically, and silently daring one to kiss the other.
When I was thirteen, I thought that Myspace was the devil, and that everyone else who had a Myspace before they were 14 {I guess that was the "legal" age for Myspace} were going to be pregnant tattoo-covered criminals in high school. 
When I was thirteen, I was gaga for choir, and I thought that I was going to NAU to become a choir teacher after high school.
When I was thirteen, I got my dog, Choxie, who was a brand new puppy, and was about 1/8 of her current size. 
When I was thirteen, my mom only let me wear makeup to choir concerts, and since I didn't have any of my own, I would go to my friend Paige's house, borrow her's, and try not to get mascara on my eyelids.
When I was thirteen, my friend Paige had a YouTube channel, and I was featured in one or two videos as a character named Shaniqua who wore a bag over her head because her mother didn't want her to be seen on YouTube. True story.
When I was thirteen, my friends Camille, Emily J., Jadyn (from It's Me, Jadyn Maree!), and I all saved up our money, held a garage sale, and cleaned up a man's dirty old house, and got enough money to have my mom drive us to L.A. to see Wicked at Pantages Theater! That was pretty much the highlight of my childhood. 
Besides that one time when I was 15, and Camille's dad surprise drove us all to Anaheim to go to Knott's Berry Farm, and and Camille jumped on me and Jadyn's bed at the hotel and threw ice chips at us and kept jumping on my leg, and the next morning I threatened death upon Camille for making me ride the Ghost Rider roller coaster. But that's a whole other story...

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  1. Oh my gosh... this is the best post of my life! :) So many memories!!!

    P.S. I love how you referred to me as Jadyn from It's Me, Jadyn Maree! :) As if people other than our circle of friends read my blog. I love you, you're a good best friend!