Saturday, August 31, 2013

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons is kind of my life's theme song right now. Like practically word for word.

Well friends, this is my last post until I hit the MTC! I hope I will be able to post often (and by post, I mean email my mom a post for her to upload), but I can't make any promises, because I will be for sure very busy, and I can't say how busy I will be. I would really like to post often though. I really enjoy blogging. But in just an hour I am going to be set apart as a missionary, which means I am going to put all worldly things aside, so that means the Internet! Arrivederci, Internet! I'll try not to miss the cat videos too much.

So at 8am today I am getting set apart, then tomorrow morning at like 6am I am saying goodbye for good to my house (my mom is planning on moving while I'm gone, darn it.), and my family and I are driving up north for a family reunion! We will stay in a nearby hotel tomorrow night, then on Monday, we are driving (and driving, and driving) to Salt Lake City! I hate to be a typical Molly Mormon over here, but Salt Lake City is my favorite place to visit, ever! We are going to trot around Temple Square, and my mom and I are going to do a session in the Salt Lake temple, and the next day, we are driving to Provo for me to report to the MTC at 1:15pm! My next post will probably not be for a week at least, because I hear that you don't get much of a P-day (prep day, for those of you who don't know is the one day a week that missionaries have to get to do laundry, clean up, write letters/emails, and prepare for the coming week. If they have time, they can also do a little bit of tourism too) your first week at the MTC. So it may be a while! But I will try to pack it with pictures! Because pictures are the best, right?

Well, I don't know what else to say but, see you in 18!

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