Thursday, July 25, 2013

40 days left!

Oh my gosh. Only ten more days until I can say that I have a month left! You guys! I'm going on a miiiission!

I feel like I'm that one girl on Facebook and Instagram and my blog where all she ever talks about is her mission. Well good golly, I'M SORRY. I've been waiting since April to put on that tag and spread the gospel! I feel like I'm going to burst! How can I not think about it, and in turn, talk about it??

I'm in the midst of getting all ready. I've bought so much shtufff over the past month, it isn't even funny. Seriously. It's a good thing I'll have a slim budget for the next year and a half, because I don't even want to see a clothes store again. Which is kind of a strange occurence for Emily. See, I kiiiinda like shopping. And clothes. Usually, you know?

But seriously right now, if you try to get me to try on another skirt I might flip a lid.

It's great though! It really is. I'm glad I'm getting it done before the eleventh hour. I have almost everything I need (but of course when I say that, in my head I go, "Well, except for ___. And ___. And that other____. And I should probably get a ___." So yeah. That is still happening. But it's all little stuff. I have all the big stuff.) So now I can stop stressing out about finding the stuff I need, and just focus on mentally and spiritually getting myself completely prepared for the people of Italy! I am so happy, I could squeal like Leisel on The Sound of Music after Ralph kissed her face. Wheeeeee!

Except, it's not the same thing.
Because Leisel was boyfriend-giddy-squealing.
Emily is I-get-to-leave-and-be-a-nun-squealing.
Whatever. I'm going be a way fun nun.

Until next time, dearies.

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