Sunday, June 2, 2013


I am so thankful:
-For this wonderful little town where we are surrounded by such amazing, compassionate angels. There are angels living in San Tan Valley, everyone!
-For books that open my eyes to other people's lives and persectives as well as treat me to a wonderful story.
-For a sweet little primary class of five-year-olds who don't judge me when I'm stuttery and tired because it's 8 o'clock church for crying out loud.
-For the hymns. I recently realized that in some of the hardest, most mind-wrecking times of my life, I can remember sitting in the "belly of the beast" persay, and having one particular hymn or another pop into my head, or flipping a hymn book open to find one, that have helped me in those moments. Those terrifying yet still moments are so special to me, even though they are hard, because of the Spirit that visited me and put his arm around me, through music.
-For my job. Good grief, I love my job.
-For pain medication, even if acetaminophen isn't usually strong enought to curb my first migraine that I ever had on Tuesday night. Seriously, I'm kind of freaked out, because I had never had a migraine before, and my dad gets them a lot, and when he gets them, they are B-A-D. And the one I had on Tuesday hurt like a mother-trucker. Excuse my language, I just wanted to rip my brain out of my head. But the acetaminophin did help a little.
-For dry shampoo. Because really, who invented that? I want to hug them.

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