Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On seizing moments.

I sure hope this isn't just me.
But are you ever just living normal day-to-day life, and nothing out of the ordinary is happening, and suddenly your mind says, "HEY. This is a MOMENT. Isn't this special? Isn't life special?" And suddenly everything kind of slows down almost like a movie montage, only not? 

Okay, I hope someone is still following me.

Well, anywho. That happened to me today.

I was at work. I was with the little autistic boy I work with. I had just gotten him to reach a goal we have been working hard on, and we were taking a break by doing his favorite thing, the thing I watch him do just about every time I come to visit him-- jumping on his bed. I watched him jump up and down, and with every leap came a hearty laugh of excitement. Then he moved onto his next favorite activity, which is to go from jumping on the bed to flinging himself down and waiting for me to tickle his tummy. I was poking his tummy, he was laughing, and then I stopped, and he let out a big smiling siiighhh, and that's when the little "moment" moment hit me. My mind went, "Holy cow, Emily. Hold onto this kind of moment. What a special opportunity Heavenly Father has given you to spend time with such a wonderful, lively, unique little spirit. Don't waste it." And then I tickled him hard one more time, said, "Okay, let's play, buddy!" and I went back to holding his hands while he jumped on the bed (he likes it when I hold his hands while he jumps because then he can leap off of the bed toward me and giggle about it and I don't even know I just love it. Every second of it.)

Life is awesome, right now. It has also been awesome in the past, and will also be awesome in the future. But we often forget that it is also awesome right now, and that we need to capture that and cherish it.

So yeah. I'll get off my cheesy life lessons soapbox now. Sorry.

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  1. I just got off work with MY little autistic buddy, and I am soaking wet from his favorite game of the day, and your post made me cry. I don't know, maybe I'm just a boob, or maybe it's because I work with the same kind of stuff you do... or maybe I'm just a boob, but hey. Thanks anyway. ;)