Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 7: Dream Wedding

Okay, folks. Let's get down to business. 
*pulls up Pinterest*
*cracks knuckles*
*stretches neck*
*game face*

Y'all know this is serious bid'ness.

And I should have you know that my wedding board on Pinterest is locked, so that no one can steal my ideas.
*paranoid, maniacal cackle*
So you are all quite lucky people to be allowed to see any of this, because I'm quite protective of it.
Like. This shtuff makes me nervous.

First of all, I am definitely getting married in the temple. Of course, silly! Which temple, is the question. I guess it depends on where I am. I would love to get married in the Gilbert Temple, since it's close to all of my friends and family. However, I don't have a clue where I'll be when that time comes. If distance didn't matter, I would totally get married in the Salt Lake City temple, though. That place is a dream.

I would want to have a November wedding. The weather is gorgeous here in AZ in November, and in early March. I might do a winter wedding, but you'd have to do a lot of begging to make me get married in the summer. Yuck. Too hot here in AZ!

I would love a dress like this, with this kind of shape, just with short sleeves and a higher, more "scoop neck" neckline. But I loooove the light flowiness of this dress. I feel like it could flutter in the wind. Sigh.

I want my hair to be simple and easy, just curled loosely with some kind of pretty headband, or, you know, little flowers formed into a hippie headband like below. :)
Or maybe something involving a little braid. I don't know. Something like that.

I also would love to have colors that are neutral, like ivory, beige, champagnes, blushes and other soft pinks, soft golds, taupes, maybe even some soft greys. It will be soft and easy to work with, I think.

I'd like lots of lace, pearls, baby's breath flowers, and lots of little lights (tea lights, strings of "Christmas" lights, stuff like that)

The groom could wear light tan pants, dark brown suspenders, and a bow tie in maybe a soft grey shade (or blush pink, if I decide to be mean. The wedding theme is already quiiite girly... hehehe)

I would probably take my bridesmaids out to find dresses that fit the color scheme, but aren't all the same. I don't think they need to be totally uniform.

I don't feel like I want to get tooooo creative with reception details. Probably a pretty classic reception. A sign-in book, dancing, dinner/refreshments, a brief recieving line, yada yada. I think a classic, simple wedding cake with some little flower accents would be lovely.

And then I like the whole "send the bride and groom off with sparklers" thing.

As for honeymoon, you all know exactly where I want to go...
To the happiest place on earth, of course!

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