Monday, December 10, 2012

I think its time foooor a Pinterest Weekly (even though it's not so weekly...!)

She used way too many high-end, expensive products for me, but I like the "makeup that looks like no makeup" look. I think that's what we originally invented makeup for anyway, right? Just so we could enhance natural beauty a bit?

This is the saddest, yet best thing I've ever seen. :)

I pinned a few long hair pictures... Just a fewww....

Now I want to watch this movie. 

Some people are so smart. For these nails, you just paint the first coat, let it dry, paint the second coat, and while it's drying, take a ruler or something like that and kind of stamp it over the nails to create lines, and make a quilted purse sort of design. CUTE.

I found this on Pinterest last Christmas, and I didn't pin it {because I'm nuts}. It is going to be a must-have Christmas decoration in my home when I grow up. So amazing.

You know we are! :)

Bahahaha. YES.

Just stop it Once Upon a Time. I can't handle the awesome.

Heeheehee. This was from right after election day. :)

And then I pinned a bunch of teacher stuff that I will be so excited to use... You know, in 6 years when I get to be a teacher. Haha. :)

The end. 

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