Saturday, December 8, 2012

Apostles and warm fuzzy spirit and testimony, oh my!

Tonight, I went with my best friend to a fireside for young single adults.
{I apologize for the poor quality of this iPhone photo. We were working with a very pathetic amount of light, and I didn't want to have to use flash, so deal with it. ;) }

{for those of you going, "what the heck is a fireside??", it is kind of like a special sermon or a devotional given seperately from a Sunday meeting in the LDS church. Usually it is aimed toward a specific audience (in this case, young single adults), and/or has a special guest (in this case we had a few special guests)}

At this fireside were two general authorities {"clergymen" for lack of a better term, from Salt Lake City, where our church headquarters are.}, and an apostle. And if you are going, "Wait, an apostle?  Like, from the Bible? Like, Peter, James, and John??", then to that I say, 
"Absolutely, yes, actually."

I felt kind of silly because I know a lot of other people in my church that I know have been lucky enough to have seen and met and shook hands with at apostles before, and they might be like, "Dude. It's whatevers. Every day thang, girl...". But I had never seen one in my life, except for on the screen of General Conference. So, it really excited me when my bishop emailed me and my mom and said that Quentin L. Cook would be in town for a fireside. 
I grabbed my best friend and we ran after that opportunity! 
Guys. I don't know if everybody else who was there felt like it was this amazing, but I felt like it was super amazing.
The spirit when Quentin L. Cook and the two other general authorities just walked into the room. We all stood, and Elder Cook smiled at us and I felt the spirit so wonderfully. 
And when he spoke, even the obnoxious boys behind us who wouldn't shut up {and I feel like I don't even know why they showed up, like if you really just wanted to chat it up with your buddies, your mom isn't making you go to firesides anymore. You're an adult now, so just stop talking, or leave. Jadyn and I were a little irritated.}but even they were quiet, and eventually completely silent. He had such a spirit about him. He was glowing. I had never noticed the glow when I watched him on a screen during General Conference, but he just glowed! And his words were wonderful. He told us that this was a great time in our lives, and to not let doubt and fear get in the way of making important decisions, but to have faith in the Lord and let Him guide us. It was beautiful, and the best part, was at the end. Elder Cook was bearing his testimony, and he said, "Through experiences too sacred to discuss,  I have heard the voice of Jesus Christ." And right when he said that, the spirit filled me up, and it felt like someone had filled my insides with warm hot cocoa, or wrapped me in a warm blanket that was fresh from the dryer, and I could just feel the spirit testify to me that Elder Cook really is an apostle of Jesus Christ, and that he has heard the voice of Jesus Christ, and that Christ lives, and speaks through his prophets and apostles, and it was one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever felt. 
As he was leaving, I didn't get to shake his hand, but he was about 20 feet from me and I waved and quietly said, "Thank you" and he smiled at me and waved. 
That man is an apostle of Jesus Christ.
Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of the Lord.
This church is true, and I had to blog about this while it was still fresh in my mind, and I can't wait to spend 18 months starting this summerish/fall of 2013 proclaiming on a mission. I can't wait to help people feel the way I have felt because of this perfect, wonderful gospel, and especially the way I felt when I saw a prophet of the Lord today.
Oh this gospel is great and wonderful and amazing!  

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