Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall fashion inspiration.

The Arizona sun has taken mercy at last!
It is lovely outside today.

Here are some fashion pieces I love for this glorious season!

Let's just take a moment to adore everything about this pictures. Her hair, her cardigan, her scarf, her SHOES...

I take full advantage of ugly sweater season. Some people know how I feel about sweaters. I'm a bit obsessed.

I guess this isn't really fashion, but Bath and Body Works has excellent fall scents this year. I bought three of their mini body splashes (it was a 3 for $10 sale!), one in Dreamy Vanilla Woods, one in Honey Autumn Apple, and one in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and they are all really yummy. My personal favorite is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

Comfy cozy flannel button ups, skinny jeans, and riding boots. There's no way I can afford riding boots though hahahaha.

LOVE chambray shirts. I recently bought myself one (no polka-dots, though), and I have to tell myself that I can't wear it every single week. Or more.

This mauve color is perfect for fall, as is the gold sequined collar. LOVE.

I love champagne-y gold tones for nails. And they are very fall-ish. This one looks like it is from the brand Butter London, but I got one this summer from China Glaze called "Swing Baby" that is quite like this one and probably a bit less expensive.

Setting aside the fact that mustard yellow is pretty much my favorite color in existence, this jacket looks so cozy and wonderful...
No but seriously, I think I'm gonna go find a mustard yellow nail polish some time very very soon. It kind of feels like a need.

Blazers, anyone?? :D

I love neutral colors. They're so calming. I've gotta be honest, I probably wouldn't put cowboy boots with this particular outfit, thought. It kind of clashes with the sleekness of the clutch, but that's just me. 

These are my kind of fall shoes. I might be in love.

Fall is the time to get away with burgundy nails. Some people might say, "Why would you want to get away with burgundy nails??" But I personally, love them.

Toppppp knoooooootss!!! They are the best. 

Berry lip colors are to die for, and they are quite exclusive to fall. They make me want to eat a bowl of cherries.

Let's all just embrace crazy scarves. They rock.

And last but not least,

It's cozy hat time.

You might have been able to tell, I'm a bit of an autumn freak. I love it. Eeep!

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