Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finding Keaton

Today, we forgot Keaton at church.
I drove my truck to church and the rest of my family took the van. So when I left to go home, I took Mason and when we got home, my mom started pulling up too. She rolled down the window, and yelled, "Wait, don't you have Keaton, too?"
And I yelled, "No, I thought you had him!"
And then we laughed. Probably too hard, considering Keaton was probably wimpering around the church building with his almost-dead iPhone that doesn't work anymore at the same time as we were bellowing in laughter at his patheticness.
So I drove back to the church building. Right when I walked through the door, the Broscharts told me that he just started walking home. So I had to go down the back roads you can use to walk home from church, and when I found him, I rolled my window down and yelled,

Using movie references in real life might be, like, the best thing ever. 

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