Friday, September 21, 2012

Favorite Movies.

Movies are a difficult subject for me. 
Whenever anyone asks what my favorite movie is, I think of the movie that I like best at that moment, or that I would like to be watching at that moment instead of having a conversation with said person. 
But then, immediately as I think of that movie, it's like the dam breaks on my favorite-movies-river and all the wonderful movies I've seen flood into my brain, and before anyone knows it, I haven't even answered the person, and I'm like this:
CAN'T.... DECIDE....

And the poor person who probably really wanted to know what my favorite movie was is just like, 

So let me just answer this question with a list. A filtered list.

My absolute favorite movie (and it will probably change due to the guilt I will feel for leaving out all the other good movies) (but maybe not, because this movie is freaking wonderful beyond belief):
The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Movies that I feel guilty for not mentioning as my favorite, because they are SO SO beautifully awesome, but not EXACTLY as awesome as Hunchback:
  • The Sound of Music. I actually kind of have a Sound of Music shrine in my bedroom. I can't believe I just admitted that to the internet...
  • A Little Princess. So cheesy, but I love it so so much.
Best Disney movies of all time, besides Hunchback:
  • Mulan. I'm sorry, Rapunzel, but she's the coolest princess. I love Rapunzel, she comes in an extremely close second. But did you see Mulan pretty much bury the Huns with her cleverness and a cannon? And she was fighting for her father. She's rockin'.
  • Tangled. Tangled is my favorite princess movie. Maybe I like Mulan and Rapunzel the same. AHHHH. I CAN'T DECIDE! I love Tangled, though. I pretty much want Pascal and Eugene Fitzherbert to be my best friends. And my friend Erika says the scene where she is battling with herself about whether or not leaving the tower was a good idea reminded her of me. ......Gee, I wonder why.......
  • The Lion King. That movie is rock solid. Hands down awesome.
  • Up. Please don't make me explain why I love Up. I'm starting to feel guilty that it's not my very favorite...
  • All the Toy Story movies. If you don't at least kind of enjoy Toy Story, you have no soul.
  • Beauty and the Beast. Please hold while I sing and dance to all of the songs.
  • Enchanted. See Beauty and the Beast explanation.
  • Cinderella 3. Dude. So intense. Don't bang it 'til you watch it. It gave me newfound respect for the whole Cinderella franchise.
  • The Incredibles. That movies so does not get enough credit. The theme music is now running through my head.
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Dude. It's Lizzieeeeeeee! You can't even hate.
Movie series that are so awesome that you shouldn't even get me started (these are in order from bestest to best, by the way):
  • Harry Potter. If you don't like Harry Potter, then apply the following:
  •  The Chronicles of Narnia. Don't even talk to me about the fact that they're not making movies for the rest of the series. JUST LEAVE THE MOVIE-WATCHING WORLD HANGING, ALRIGHT????
  • The Hunger Games. WHAHHHH!!!!! {<---Make of that what you will...} I am so excited for the rest of the series to be released in movies! They did a great job on the first movie. The world's minds will be BLOWN by the sequels, though. :D
  • The Lord of the Rings. I seriously LOVE this series. I haven't watched them enough times to remember every single character's names, and all the names of the different species and whatnot, just because the movies are so long, and I like to sit down and watch the whole movie, and I don't have time to do that, but, I seriously love it. I used to be in love with Sam Gamgee. Like, I was in a relationship with him on Facebook for a period of time.
  • ...You think I'm kidding about that last sentence....
  • Star Wars. If you hate Star Wars, there is something quite wrong with the way your brain cells are arranged. It is not my absolute favorite thing ever ever, but how can you not like it??
Movies that make me chuckle, so I love them to death:
  • Nacho Libre. Ohmygosh. The best. 
  • Mean Girls. "And I was like, 'WHY are you so OBSESSED with me??'" Bahahahaha...
  • Legally Blonde. "Happy people just don't kill their husbands. They just don't."
  • She's the Man. "'Sup?" "Yeah, what's kickin', homie?" "Later." "Hey, you forgot this... cool-io." "Word, g-money."
  • Night at the Museum 1 & 2. "Crimey, we've been jimmy-jacked!"
Honorable Mention:
  • The Notebook. I uncontrollably sobbed the first time I watched it. And by uncontrollably, I mean that try as I might, I could not hold the tears inside my eyelids, and they busted out, and I was out loud sobbing. Such a sad/beautiful movie. Good grief.
Of course, when Les Miserable comes out in movie theaters, and I see it at midnight, I'll be all, 
And it will be my favorite movie ever ever ever for the rest of forever.
The end. 

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  1. I have one word to add to your Les Mis statement... HOBBIT.

    December. Will. Be. Epic.

    I agree with almost all of your list. I think the ones I haven't seen are Cinderella 3, Lizzie McGuire (it was past my time), nacho libre, legally blonde, she's the man, and the Notebook. All of which I've wanted to see at some point, just never have.

    I have the LOTR extended editions, including behind the scenes stuff, and I usually watch through it at least once a year. It makes watching the movies SO much better.