Friday, May 10, 2013


The semester is over, and I'm one happy girl! I am so excited to finally get to focus on mission preparation, and to be ready, come September, to be the missionary that Milan, Italy needs.

Next week I am babysitting a family I know and love for the whole week while the parents are in Hawaii. It will be one doozy of a job, but it will be so good for me.

Then I am working and playing with the lovely It's Me, Jadyn Maree (I will totally blog about the adventure we have planned for the last week in May. It will be amazing.)

I have a family reunion Labor Day weekend that has always been my favorite reunion, and will be a great chance for me to bond with my aunts and uncles and cousins before I leave. I am so excited.

Other than that, it's all mission preparation! I applied for my passport yesterday, and when that comes back I have to apply for my visa, and there are so many things to buy! Does anyone know of a MP3 player that has NO radio or video capabilities, and has internal speakers?

Yeah, me neither.

Also, I'm not allowed to wear maxi skirts/dresses! So all you ladies planning on serving a mission, stop stocking up on maxi skirts! That rule actually makes sense, because really, how do you ride a bicycle in a maxi skirt? That's a bike accident waiting to happen, really.

Anyway, until next time, friends! Thanks for still reading this unstable blog! Haha!

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