Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 3: My Favorite Store

Can I pick two for this one? Yes? Okeedokeeee.

One is Savers.
Yep. Thrift store over herrre.
I seriously find such snazzy stuff there for dirt cheap.
And when I say snazzy I don't mean weird kind of snazzy. I mean like J Crew shirts and Forever21 cardigans, and once, I even found perfectly good Miss Me jeans for $10!
And I am a very dedicated, serious thrifter. Like, you don't mess with me when I'm thriftin', yo.

The other store is Down East Basics.
This I say only because everything in that store is what my soul looks like. Like, you know that one store that you would buy EVERYTHING from and wear ALL the time, if you only had the money? That's Down East Basics for me. The colors, the patterns, the JEANS (swooon), the belts and earrings and bags! It all speaks to me!
But the Down East Basics price tag does NOT speak to me. Yiker doodles, Batman.

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