Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I just want to say, really quickly.

I just want to wake up tomorrow morning and have a note from some beautiful fairies that reads:
"Dear Miss Emily, 
           We have cleaned your bathtub, organized your bathroom cabinets, taken the water glasses, NyQuil bottles, and work documents off of your desk (and organized them into the correct places, of course), cleaned, dried, mended, ironed, and folded all of your laundry, and we even cleaned your shoes, which needed it. We also made an organization system for the bags and backpacks and purses that were making their own habitat in the back corner of your closet. We fixed the broken drawer on your dresser, cleaned out your nail polish drawer, got rid of all of the clothes that don't fit you and you don't like (and left $100 for you to get some that actually do fit you, of course!), organized that pile of scrapbook paper at the bottom of your closet, and the old cosmetology supplies at the right end of your closet. We also alphebetized your books, synced your iPhone and iPod to your iTunes, framed your Disney Princess posters, hung up shelves for your mug collection, sent out the thank you cards, missionary letters, and bathing suit return that you've been meaning to take to the post office. We cleaned out your Ford Ranger and took all the scattered Primary lesson notes, handouts, and bookmarks, and filed them away. We cleaned out your Primary bag, took those totally-accidentally-stolen-from-the-church-library-chalk-sets back to the church library (Sister Sevy was wondering where those had gone...), printed out a whole stack of fresh copies of work timesheets, vacuumed, cleaned the sheets, pillowcases, the duvet cover, and lit a fresh, floral candle in your bedroom. Attached are summaries of all the things you need to know from the textbook chapters you were supposed to have been reading for school thus far. Get your crap together, and keep it together, so we don't have to come back and do damage control again.
The Fairies"

Is this too much to ask for???

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  1. Oh girl... and when they're finished at your place, send them my way! I've been needing somebody to clean out my car, take my donation clothes to DI, do my math homework, write up my time sheets, put my shoes away, and wash my sheets for me!