Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twas the last day of semester...

Today started out really good. 
I went to my education class, we did a little evalutation activity of what we had learned in the class and whatnot, I turned in a huge essay, and got to discuss with another girl what Mormon missionaries do, and how that works. It was fun!
Then I went to Starbucks and wrote a cheat sheet for my math final, studied oodles, and drank a salted caramel hot cocoa{my addiction}. I also went to Barnes and Noble to buy one more Christmas gift, and Ross for an over-the-door hanger I desperately needed for my bedroom.
Then I went back to school, had a good long catching-up talk with my friend Maddie, and went to take my math final.
This explains that experience. ^

And this does as well. ^

So the world already knows that I am terrible at math. It just doesn't come to me like it does to normal people.
Also, I'm practically ADD. So when someone is just writing numbers on a board and spitting equations out of their mouth, I kind of want to scream.
So considering that, I have done pretty well this semester trying to focus and ask questions and pay attention and try, try, try to get the information I need in my math class.
However, I ended the semester with a 77.7%. I didn't do so hot on a bunch of homework assignments and whatnot, and, oh yeah, tests. Those were not always so good. I got an A or a B here and there, buuut, usually in the C...D... range. 
Math is not my forte.
I studied and tried to stay calm for this final. Deeep breaths. 
And I went in there.
And that was the most RIDICULOUS.
Final I have EVER taken.
I was so mad. I had stayed late last week to listen to my teacher (who's not even very good at teaching, so that's irritating too) flap his gums about all these concepts that he said would be on the test, and the test was way more than what he ever made it out to be. EVERYONE was going crazy the entire time today, because that test was HARD. And it was NINE PAGES LONG. There is this one girl that I pretty much want to slap all of the time because she always freaks out about how she's doing and how her test scores are going, even though she has a 96.9% in the class, and even SHE skipped some questions because she couldn't figure out how to do them. I almost cried in the middle of the test. I just wanted to leave. I felt overwhelmed and swamped by this test. The test session was supposed to go from 1pm to 2:50pm, and I stayed until almost 3:30pm, and finally said, "This is as good as it's going to get. I hate everything."
And then I wept and wailed all the way to Costco, where I couldn't find my Costco card and had to get a "day pass" so that I could scope out something my mom needed.
 I'm just so glad that class is over. Allll my classes are over. I don't even have to worry.
 So that's that. Whatevs.

Oh, yes, also, please enjoy this:

Merry Christmas, everyone. 

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