Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest Weekly

Seriously, I love traveling. I haven't done nearly enough of it yet, but I've always loved it. I want to have my own trailer so I can be one of those folks who lives out of their trailer and moves from RV park to RV park like every week. I would honestly live like that for, like, a year. 

One of my dearest friends Jessica is getting married in the Mesa temple in January, and she asked me to be maid of honor! I am so excited, I've been searching Pinterest for ideas that go along with the theme she wants. :)

I am a serious sucker for cozy fall fashion. 

True as can be. 

Oh Disney. I love that Mulan quote. And the Hercules one. And all of them. 

 May I also make this vow? I love gingers to death.

This is darling. I bought one like it the other day, just with no polka-dots. 


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